Lake Louise ski resort (operating in @BanffNP) fined $2.1M for cutting down endangered whitebark pine trees. Resort…… Retweeted by Fiera Biological

Field guides are great, but you can’t beat a day in the woods with a good &knowledgeable teacher. Don’t miss our Wi…… Retweeted by Fiera Biological


We love learning. As a result, there is a lot of stuff we know, that we can share with others. Thats why we put so much energy into outreach events.

We frequently speak at conferences and workshops for a variety of organizations, on an array of topics ranging from wetlands and riparian areas, to the role of drones in ecosystem management, to targeted conservation, ecological offsets, and environmental policy.  We offer courses on wetland delineation, and wildlife tracking.

“a wealth of knowledge and thoughtful insights” — Workshop Attendee

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