Fiera Welcomes Terra Simieritsch

We’ve been keeping this under our field-hats long enough! We are extremely excited to introduce to you the latest dynamo to join the Fiera Biological Team, Terra Simieritsch, or as we like to call her, Terra at Fiera.

Terra will be based out of Calgary, and has joined us as a Senior Project Manager after dedicating the past 10 years to all things related to wetlands and waterfowl. She is a self professed right-brained scientist who loves policy and big picture thinking, and much of her past work has reflected this. Terra loves people and is a natural builder of relationships and networks — talking to people is her jam and collaboration is her superpower — so, we are pretty excited to add her extroverted tendencies to the deep talent of nerdy introverted science-statistician-bird-watchy types here at Fiera. We know she is going to make a splash with us in the wetland world as she joins us in working with our clients to make good land management decisions and apply smarter tools and technologies for managing landscapes.

Terra is also a mixed media artist, and we will be tapping into some of that “right-brained” talent to spruce up some of our science communication efforts.

You can check out Terra’s art at:

Fiera welcomes Terra Simieritsch to the Fiera Biological Team.