Guideline Development for Site Specific Natural Area Management Plans

Every natural area that is retained by the City of Edmonton requires a comprehensive management plan that outlines goals and assigns responsibility for site management. As part of an initiative to ensure that Natural Areas are managed as an ecological network, rather than on an individual basis, the City of Edmonton retained Fiera Biological to develop new guidelines for drafting Site Specific Natural Area Management Plans.

The intent behind the development of these guidelines was to create information that could be used to more effectively operationalize the management objectives and strategies specific to each natural area. Consequently, the development of these guidelines focused on presenting information in a way that was accessible and relevant to land managers and operational staff. In order to accomplish this, Fiera Biological completed three main tasks:

  • Consultation with individuals from various departments throughout the City of Edmonton to identify key issues, management needs, and critical information to be included in the Site Specific Management Plan Guidebook
  • Development of Site Specific Management Plan Guidelines, including standardized methods for compiling information, report and map templates, and database design specifications
  • Once the SSMP Guidelines were finalized, all previously completed Site Specific Management Plans were re-formatted to conform with the new Guidelines and templates.

These guidelines will ensure that all future Site Specific Natural Area Management Plans are consistently compiled, and that the information included in these plans is relevant and accessible to land managers and operational staff, which will ultimately improve the management of these important urban spaces.

The City of Edmonton’s Guidelines for Developing Site Specific Management Plans in the City of Edmonton can be viewed here.

The City of Edmonton

Project Duration
September 2015 to December 2015