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Wildlife Tracking Surveys

From 2003 to 2013, Fiera Biological worked with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) to provide comprehensive landscape-level biodiversity monitoring across the province. This long-term project is designed to detect changes in the abundance and distribution of mammals in response to human activities.

Mammal abundance and distribution is sampled along 10 km transects that are placed on linear features, including seismic lines, pipelines, and roads. Each year, Fiera Biological sampled over 500 km along transects, the majority of which have been located in northeastern Alberta. In addition to collecting snow tracking and associated vegetation data in the field, our team provided the following services annually to the ABMI:

  1. Protocol development and delivery of an annual training workshop to teach other consultants the ABMI winter mammal tracking protocols;
  2. Transect route selection in ArcGIS using SPOT satellite imagery and GoA linear and polygonal base feature layers;
  3. QA/QC and management of spatial and non-spatial data collected by contractors. Each year, over 100 sites are sampled throughout the province, and this data must be QA/QC checked to ensure that it meets stringent data standards.

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

Project Duration
2003 to 2013

Wildlife tracking, northern Alberta, measuring abundance, distribution across different habitats, and over time. Teaching professional tracking techniques to consultants