Since 2014, more than 900 km2 of southern mountain caribou critical habitat has been logged in B.C., new research finds. These areas were legally identified under #SARA and published in the 2014 federal woodland caribou recovery strategy. Explore the map:ā€¦ Retweeted by Fiera Biological

Wetland Assessment & Habitat Compensation Plan

Fiera Biological was retained by AECOM, on behalf of the Asset Management and Public Works department at the City of Edmonton to conduct a Wetland Value and Function Assessment, and prepare a Wetland Habitat Compensation Plan for a complex of wetlands in west Edmonton As part of this project, Fiera provided the following services:

  • Historical air photo review
  • Wetland delineation and habitat assessment, including an impact assessment and mitigation recommendations
  • Wetland Habitat Compensation Plan, including a Habitat Restoration Plan and Wetland Enhancement Plan
  • Water Act approval preparation and submission, and consultation with Sustainable Resource Development Given the ecological importance of this wetland complex, an innovative wetland habitat compensation plan was developed, which garnered the city of Edmonton and Emerald Award nomination for their efforts to maintain urban wetland habitats. The compensation plan included specialized wildlife crossing structures, the use of bioswales and recreational trails to maintain and enhance hydrological and habitat connectivity, enhancement of riparian habitat to increase the ecological function of wetlands, and controlled public access to increase the social and educational value of the wetland.

City of Edmonton, Asset Management and Public Works

Project Duration
July to December 2009