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Wetland Inventory and Historic Loss – Parkland County

Municipal governments require an accurate inventory of wetlands, in addition to an understanding of historical wetland distribution and rates of wetland loss to aid conservation, planning, and restoration of these important ecosystems. Furthermore the identification of key wetlands in the context of their ecological function is crucial for the protection and preservation of these important landscape features. As such, Fiera Biological was retained to create a current wetland inventory, a historic wetland inventory, and to assess the ecological condition of wetlands in addition to historic wetland loss within Parkland county.

Throughout this project, Fiera used sophisticated GIS and remote sensing techniques to undertake four main objectives, including creating a current inventory of all wetlands within Parkland County, assessing the ecological value of each current wetland, creating a detailed historic wetland inventory circa 1950, and a wetland loss assessment.


This work required a high level of geomatics expertise, including remote sensing, spatial analysis and modeling, data compilation, data management, and a thorough QA/QC review of the resulting layers. Many data sources were required for the wetland ecological value assessment, and these required data layers were compiled, assembled, QA/QC checked and reviewed for completeness, accuracy and suitability prior to use in the GIS modelling. This through evaluation of current and historical wetlands within Parkland County will provide important information for future planning, restoration, and conservation efforts. Interested parties can find the final report on Parkland County’s website.

This project demonstrates our team’s excellent geomatics and remote sensing skills including; data management, data compilation, spatial analysis, geospatial modeling, digitization, manual editing, georeferencing of historical data, and advanced remote sensing and LiDAR processing.

This project also exemplifies how Fiera employs a rigorous QA/QC process to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the large spatial data sets created through this project, including the QA/QC of over 70,000 historic wetland polygons, and 35,000 current wetland polygons.


Parkland County

Project Duration
January 2016 to October 2016