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Custom Wildlife Tracking Courses

We offer three levels of custom wildlife tracking courses and workshops:

  1. Custom Location / Established Program: We can discuss some minor fine tuning to meet your needs, but essentially we come to your region and deliver one of our ready-made wildlife tracking courses or workshops. Typically costs for this type of request is our typical rate for the established program, plus travel and accommodation as required for the custom location. You usually help with the registrations and with selecting of a suitable venue.
  2. Our Location / Custom Program: No travel costs or venue surprises because you want the course delivered right here in Edmonton where we know the drill, but you have specific needs regarding the program; specific species highlighted, specific protocols to be introduced, or a specific duration, etc. Essential we need to develop or modify a curriculum. Cost will depend on how much modification is required to our established program. We would expect that you handle the registrations, but we may not need any help with regard to venue.
  3. Both: Custom Location Custom Program: There will be travel costs and venue logistics to work out, plus, you have specific requests regarding the curriculum. We would count on your support for registrations, and your advice with regard to selecting a suitable venue.

In all cases, we want to accommodate your request for a custom wildlife tracking course or workshop . Please contact us, let us know the details, and we will set to work providing a quote.

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