Know that feeling you've stayed at the party too long? I've kicked it, thanks to Alberta's Kenney Cuts. Still researching, but on my own terms. Thanks to all my funders for sticking with me post-breakup, & friends and collaborators @UVicENVI #WildCo & #ACMELab. Good times ahead! Retweeted by Fiera Biological

Feature Projects

Project 1: Neighbourhoods As Habitat

Does living near a natural area have a measurable impact on our health?

To answer this question we will bridge the fields of health, social, and ecosystem science. Learn More.

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Project 2: The Value of Wetlands

Wetlands, conservation, delineation, agriculture, research, management, UAV, drone, remote sensing, science, ACA,

What if retained wetlands are more valuable to farmers for crop production than if they were drained and planted to crop?

Our multi-disciplinary approach to this research combines the sciences of remote sensing, wetland ecology, and resource economics. Learn More.

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