Might earn me a few strange looks in the gym, but beats the hell out of being responsible for someone losing their grandma. #WearAMaskYEG pic.twitter.com/sFgrU1KIKc Retweeted by Fiera Biological

Tracked down the singing Blackpoll Warbler, but sadly, he wasn’t the bird that we deployed a #geolocator on last year! Not banded. Still took a moment to enjoy him singing (and the several other fantastic boreal breeders that are around!) #OperationBlackpoll pic.twitter.com/AkEKRlRII9 Retweeted by Fiera Biological

Team Profile: Shantel Koenig Ph.D. Landscape Ecologist & GIS Specialist

Shantel started with Fiera in October of 2016, and brought highly valued capabilities in complex spatial modelling and statistical analysis. She came with a Masters in Geographic Information Systems, and completed her PhD a short while after settling in. Her graduate research focused on using Spatial Interaction Models (SIMS) to model metapopulations and analyze landscape connectivity. Since then, her experience creating Resource Selection Function (RSF) models for species at risk, processing and analyzing wildlife movement (telemetry) data, creating land cover classifications, and conducting habitat connectivity analysis using a variety of spatial modeling techniques has been invaluable. During her time with us she has published two peer reviewed research papers, one in the field of theoretical ecology, and another in the field of remote sensing, and contributed significantly to at least a dozen high profile technical reports. When Shantel isn’t in the office helping to make Fiera awesome, there is a good chance that she is riding a muddy bicycle somewhere really, really fast, playing electric base on a jazz or folk music album, or countering the stigma associated with having advanced statistical skills by posting images of her beloved cat, Ella. 

Highlights of 2016. Shantel Koenig, Landscape Ecologist, Fiera Biological Consulting. She rides bikes, fast. #catlady

Shantel Koenig, Landscape Ecologist, Fiera Biological Consulting. She rides bikes, fast. #catlady

Ella, the cat

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