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Migratory Birds: spring is in the air

calendar icon March 22, 2017

I know it doesn’t feel a lot like spring today but, believe it or not, warming spring sunshine is on its way. Soon we will be waking to the sounds of robins and goldfinches outside our windows, rather than the neighbour’s snowblower! Speaking of robins and goldfinches, did you know that it is illegal in Canada to hurt, possess, or even harass a bird, nest, or nesting territory of a bird protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act? Read more

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Field Notes: Found them!

calendar icon July 16, 2010


Knee deep in marsh-water, sedge grasses up to our waists, and a mile of open, treeless darkness in any direction, we celebrate with a high five as a male yellow rail responds emphatically to our recording and moves closer to us…

Several surveys for yellow rail have occurred in this area, but to my knowledge this is the only time one has been successfully detected.

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A secretive yellow rail reveals itself for a moment as it scoots from one hiding spot among the emergent wetland of a boreal fen, to another.

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