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Calum Grimshaw

Calum Grimshaw
GIS Specialist

BSc Earth Science
University of Calgary, 2011


Calum is an experienced GIS specialist, with proficiency in spatial analysis, remote sensing, and cartography. He is adept at using maps and models to effectively communicate valuable spatial information clearly and coherently, and has a knack for project organization and management.


Calum has nearly a decade of professional experience utilizing ArcGIS to analyze, summarize, and convey spatial information. He has an advanced knowledge of cartographic principles and spatial analysis techniques gained after working in the environmental consulting industry, the public sector, and in the aerial surveying industry. Calum also has experience with LiDAR processing and classification in a production environment.

Notable Work

RMA (riparian management area) creation and intactness assessment for the North Saskatchewan River watershed. Calum carried out a GIS workflow to divide watercourse riparian zones into separate areas with their own intactness scores, to be used for conservation and mitigation purposes.

GIS support and figure creation for environmental planning and compliance monitoring projects involving pipeline developments across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

LiDAR processing, classification, and QA/QC for a large scale forestry management project in Ontario. Calum worked with data collected with cutting edge SPL sensors to produce high quality DEMs (digital elevation models) and CHMs (canopy height models).

GIS database management, organization, and metadata generation for local government. Calum maintained spatial data pertaining to publicly owned assets and infrastructure.

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