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Jacey Bronson
Junior Ecologist

BSc Specialization in Ecology
University of Alberta, 2019


Jacey has an impressive knowledge of Alberta's wetland habitats. In particular, she has extensive knowledge of peatland systems, including how peatland hydrology and ecology recovers and regenerates after disturbance. She has specialized skills that include wetland vegetation identification, bathymetric mapping, and sampling of groundwater wells. Jacey also has a practical working knowledge of GIS, making her an asset both in the field, and in the office.


Jacey has experience conducting biological monitoring and assessments specifically related to wetlands, hydrology, and wildlife. Since joining Fiera, Jacey has gained experience conducting standardized wetland assessments using the ABWRET-A protocol, and identifying, delineating, and classifying wetlands both in the field, and remotely using aerial and satellite imagery.


  • Riparian Intactness Assessment and Land Cover for the North Saskatchewan and Battle River Watersheds – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance: The overall goal of this project was to assess the current condition of riparian habitats along the shorelines of lakes and rivers in Alberta. Determining the condition of riparian habitat within each watershed allows for the identification and prioritization of riparian areas for restoration and/or conservation, in addition to establishing a baseline of riparian condition against which future monitoring and restoration efforts can be assessed. Jacey’s contributions to this project included picking training data to use in the GIS model and manually quality checking the landscape for correct and accurate classifications of land types such as marshes, swamps, peatlands, forests and riparian areas. 
  • Parks and Open Space Master Plan Environmental Inventory and Assessment – Town of High River: As part of the development of a new master plan for Parks and Open Spaces, natural areas within the Town of High River were mapped and assessed to document the contribution of these areas to the Town’s ecological network. Jacey was responsible for conducting field assessments to document the current condition of natural areas, and identifying and mapping the location of critical habitat for species of conservation concern. This information is being used to develop recommendations for natural area restoration and management of wildlife in the Town. 
  • Evaluating restoration success of peatland Bryophyte species post fire and potential mitigation actions– Department of Biology, University of Alberta: Jacey assessed plant community composition, microtopography, hydrology and nutrient availably of post-burn peatlands in northern Alberta. She was responsible for plant sampling and identification, water sampling, and hydrologic mapping, which required an in-depth knowledge of peatland wetlands and their natural restoration over time. 
  • Hydrology, Ecology and Disturbances Monitoring – Devito Laboratory of Hydrologic Disturbances: Jacey completed extensive environmental monitoring and field data collection including groundwater well installation, meteorological measurements, land surveying, soil classification, and vegetation surveys throughout a wide variety of ecozones. The project included keeping extensive landscape records through the use of GIS software. The ecological data collected was used as part of a long term health assessment and hydrological mapping program throughout the Boreal Plains ecotype. 

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