Luisa da Cunda Fernandes

GIS Technician


PhD, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta, 2021

MSc, Environmental Analysis
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, 2014

BSc, Geography
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul, 2011

Expertise & Experience

Luisa is a geospatial scientist with over a decade of academic and professional experience. She has expertise in both GIS and remote sensing, and routinely works with optical and radar satellite imagery to map environmental features and monitor and evaluate environmental conditions.

Luisa is a critical thinker with a keen eye for detail. She is also exceptionally well organized, which is a handy skill to have when you do complex spatial analysis and work with enormous amounts of data. She also really loves maps. So much so, that she spends her free time looking at them, whilst daydreaming about her next outdoor adventure.

Special skills & super powers

  • Expert user of ArcGIS, QGIS, and ENVI software
  • Extensive experience using SNAP and Sentinel toolboxes
  • Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Luisa’s love of maps is rivalled only by her love of coffee – and she is unstoppable when fuelled by a high-quality, high-test cup of java