Mr. Murphy

Office Dog & Conservation Ambassador


B.O.N.E from the Upstairs School of Canine Research

Expertise & Experience

Mr. Murphy has over a decade of experience in Office Reception. As the Manager of Office Security, he diligently protects staff from the evil threat of arriving couriers.

Mr Murphy has rolled in and taste-tested more carrion and faeces than any other Fiera employee, and is exceptionally skilled at taking afternoon naps in the sunshine.

Special skills & super powers

  • Chasing sticks, squirrels, and tennis balls
  • Enthusiastically greeting visitors to Fiera Headquarters with a tail-wag and an overly-familiar sniff
  • Spokesperson for Fiera Biological on sensitive issues of conservation and calls to action. He “speaks for the trees,” while also frequently peeing on them
  • Mr. Murphy takes particular joy in chewing “indestructible” dog toys into tiny bits