As Pembina formally responds to today's Inquiry announcement shortly just sharing our previous correspondence with the Alberta Inquiry. Does not appear any of this information was included in final report Retweeted by Fiera Biological

Mr. Murphy
Office Dog & Conservation Ambassador

Ten years of on the job training

Neutered. It wasn't his idea, but it was the right thing to do

Certified in early warning courier detection


Habitat and wildlife conservation
Squirrels. Sticks. Tennis balls. Muddy footprints on otherwise clean floors.
Destroying dog toys
Energy conservation (sleeping in sunbeams)
Enthusiastically greeting visitors to Fiera Headquarters with a tail-wag and an overly familiar sniff


Mr Murphy has rolled in and taste-tested more carrion and faeces than any other Fiera employee
Has logged more at-office sleep hours than any other Fiera employee
Nine years of experience at Office Reception
Nine years as Manager of Office Security, providing diligent protection to staff from the evil threat of arriving couriers and mail delivery

Notable Work:

Spokesperson for Fiera Biological on sensitive issues of conservation and calls to action. He “speaks for the trees” … and frequently pees on them.

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