Terra Simieritsch

Project Manager


BSc Environmental Science, University of Calgary, 2008

Forest Tech. Diploma, Northern Albert Institute of Technology, 2001

Expertise & Experience

Terra is an Environmental Scientist, Wetland Policy Specialist, and Senior Project Manager with experience working in the forestry, municipal government, and not-for-profit sectors.

Her wide-ranging experience includes coordinating international, national, and provincial grassland and wetland conservation efforts. She also has considerable experience conducting environmental policy research and analysis, with significant contributions to the development of the current wetland policy in Alberta.

In her own words, she’s “right-brained,” and her ability to think creatively makes her an exceptional communicator.

Special skills & super powers

  • Project management
  • Facilitation and science communication
  • Policy analysis
  • When she’s not in science mode, Terra keeps busy as a mixed media artist and art teacher, and she wields a watercolour paintbrush like a Samurai wields a sword