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Wildlife Tracking Instructor: Joseph Litke

Joseph is a co-founder of Fiera Biological and a Sr. Biologist with over 25 years of experience working across western Canada and the United States, from Oregon to Yukon. Born into a family of outdoor explores and adventurers in the Athabasca region, Joseph has spent his life exploring western Canada’s wild places professionally and recreationally, and this has given him a deep respect and enthusiastic knowledge of wildlife and their habitats. 

Widely acknowledged as one of the most experienced wildlife trackers in Alberta, Joseph routinely uses his skills to document and monitor wildlife presence and habitat use through tracking. He regularly helps to confirm track identifications for individuals and organizations across western Canada, and is regularly engaged by NatureLynx, a citizen science intuitive to monitor biodiversity in Alberta, to confirm wildlife track submissions. Joseph has an internationally recognized certification in wildlife track & sign interpretation from CyberTracker North America, and is a Certified Interpretation Specialist with the Interpretive Guides Association. Over the past decade, Joseph has shared his tracking expertise widely, having taught dozens of multi-day workshops and courses for wildlife professionals and outdoor enthusiasts from across Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Joseph relishes these opportunities as he believes that humans are natural-born trackers, and he takes great joy awakening the inner tracker in all of his workshop participants.

Joseph Litke, Wildlife Tracking Instructor A group of wildlife professionals receiving snow tracking refresher lesson
Joseph Litke, Wildlife Tracking Instructor and wildlife professionals refining their wildlife snow tracking identification skills

Training and Certifications:

  • Professional Biologist in good standing since 2004
  • Wildlife Track & Sign Level III, Cybertracker North America
  • Certified Interpretation Specialist, Interpretive Guides Association
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