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Track & Sign Evaluation – Crowsnest Pass

May 14 & 15, 2022 | Ages 18+ | Proof of Vaccination Required | Register by May 2

This 2-day field-based workshop and skills Evaluation is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from one of North America’s top wildlife trackers. It offers an opportunity for naturalists, field biologists, and outdoor enthusiasts of any skill-level to advance their abilities in wildlife track and sign identification and interpretation, and potentially earn an internationally-recognized Track and Sign Certification from Tracker Certification North America.

This workshop is designed to challenge participants while deeply advancing their knowledge and understanding. The Track & Sign Certification credential is not guaranteed, but rather depends on individual performance, and features escalating levels of certification for those that qualify.

Instructor Michelle Peziol is a Track & Sign Evaluator with Tracker Certification North America, and a mountain lion expert, having worked for five years on Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project following mountain lions. She has a Masters in Environmental Science from Washington State University where she researched how mountain lion kill sites alter nitrogen cycling in soils and plants. She currently works as a mountain lion tracker with MPG Ranch in Florence, Montana.

Image of Michelle Peziol
Michelle Peziol is Track & Sign Evaluator with Tracker Certification North America. Photo thanks to Michell Peziol.

These Evaluations are rewarding to even the most novice participants, while also being challenging and a significant measure of achievement for more advanced trackers, and take the form two full days of field-based practical questions followed by a deep debrief, discussion, and explanation with input from participants. To learn more about the workshop and evaluation format, potential participants are encouraged to follow the link below for answers to some frequently asked questions.

Participants must be prepared to spend two full days hiking outdoors, and be comfortable in rugged and isolated terrain in uncertain weather.

Transportation, accommodation and meals are the responsibility of each participant.

Evaluations are limited to only 10 participants, and in the interest of equity, half of the available workshop registrations will be reserved for women and visible minorities / persons of colour, until April 15. Interested parties may apply through registration link and those for whom there are no spots available prior to April 15 will be placed on a waiting list in the order of applications are received.

Registration Deadline is May 2, 2022.

Track and Sign Evaluator, Michelle Peziol with a group of tracking workhshop participants. Photo thanks to Michelle Peziol.

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