Snow Tracking Field Essentials – December 2023


December 2, 2023 | Must be aged 18+ Snow Tracking Field Essentials is a one-day, field-based practical workshop…

Demystifying LiDAR


If you have utilized any type of digital mapping tool, you may have heard the technical term ‘LiDAR’,…

Luisa da Cunda Fernandes


For the Love of Bogs


Spring has sprung here at Fiera, and so, like everyone, our thoughts turn to bogs. What are they? How do they work?

Connecting The Dots: habitat connectivity and corridors


When most people think of wildlife habitat, what often comes to mind are the particular resource requirements that…

Landcover Classifications – under the covers


A lot of our daily work at Fiera relies on a single, invaluable type of spatial data, the land cover classification. A land cover classification is essentially a map based on satellite imagery that shows all of the different land cover types across an area.

Tracking Evaluations: frequently asked questions


Thinking about participating in a Track & Sign Evaluation? Then check out these frequently asked questions. If you…

International Day of Women and Girls in Science, 2022


February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a day where we highlight the need…

GIS Technician


GIS Technician | Edmonton, AB | Posted 9 February 2022 | Fiera Biological Consulting is based in Edmonton,…

Alberta’s First Wildlife Track & Sign Evaluation


Fiera Biological recently hosted one of North America’s top wildlife trackers, David Moskowitz, to run a two-day field-based…