Outreach & workshops

We love sharing our knowledge with others! That’s why we put so much energy into outreach.

We frequently speak at conferences and host workshops on a wide range of topics, from wetlands and remote sensing, to conservation offsets and ecosystem service assessments. We also have folks with mad wildlife tracking skills who regularly host workshops throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Upcoming Events

Wolf tracks. grey wolf, timber wolf, Alberta, Canada. Professional track identification, cybertracker, wildlife specialist, tracks & sign, track id, tracking course, tracking instruction.

Track & Sign Evaluation – Feb 26 & 27, Edmonton, Alberta

Monday & Tuesday, February 26 & 27, 2024 | Ages 18+ | Registration Closed | SOLD OUT

Wildlife Tracks & Traces — Edmonton Area — May 2024

Ages 18+ | May 25, 2024 | Edmonton Area

Wildlife Tracks & Traces is a full day (6+ hour) outdoor workshop in an Edmonton Area park or natural area focused on exploring nature through the lens of wildlife tracking.

Wildlife Tracks & Traces — Edmonton Area — June 2024

Ages 18+ | June 22, 2024 | Edmonton Area Winter or summer, spring or fall, animals leave evidence…

Custom Workshops

If you are interested in one of our workshops in a custom location (i.e. not here in Edmonton, AB), or if have particular needs regarding content, focus, or duration, please give us a call! We can work with you to create a workshop that meets your needs.