Our story

Our small but intrepid team of natural scientists is on a mission to make nature matter by advancing the conservation of wildlife and habitats through understanding, innovation, and action.

Simply put, we think that our limited natural resources need to be better measured and valued. Once we understand what we have and why it matters, we can put this knowledge into action by making more informed decisions about land use and land management.

How it started

Fiera Biological was founded in 2003 by two twenty-something scientists in search of meaningful and satisfying work. At the time, a full-time gig as a biologist was more elusive than an Ivory-billed Woodpecker, so the duo spent most of their time moving between short-term contracts.

Their experiences left them feeling that there was something missing in the environmental consulting industry: a company that valued people and their ideas, and that put science and professional ethics ahead of profits. And so, with a bit of luck and a whole lot of optimism, Fiera Biological was founded.

Since its establishment, Fiera Biological has continuously grown its influence within the environmental consulting industry in Alberta, and is well known for delivering innovative, high-quality services that consistently exceed expectations.

Some things we’re pretty darn proud of…

  • In 2021, the Town of Okotoks was given the Environment Award by the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators for the Natural Asset Inventory that Fiera created for the Town
  • In 2016, we developed a novel GIS method for assessing riparian habitat in Alberta. To date, we have used this tool to assess over 40,000 km of shoreline in Alberta—the equivalent of circling the earth 1.1 times!!
  • We are a 3-time winner of the Peggy Thompson Publication award. This award is given annually by the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and recognizes high standards of achievement in publishing biological information, and in conveying an understanding of the concepts and application of biological sciences
  • We are good humoured and also professional. Several of our staff are members of the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB) and are recognized as Qualified Wetland Science Practitioners in Alberta

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