Bria Griffin

Junior Science Communicator


Strathcona Composite High School, Diploma Candidate — May, 2024

Expertise & Experience

Bria is Fiera’s Junior Science Communicator. An aspiring conservation biologist, she helps stuffy science-types communicate scientific ideas through her art to increase awareness and accessibility of information. She is very outgoing and creative, and is always seeking opportunities to advance her own knowledge and the knowledge of those around her through discussions about protecting nature.

Bria will be attending the University of Alberta where she will work towards a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Conservation Biology beginning Fall 2024, and is looking forward to furthering her understanding of land use and management. Her day-to-day tasks at Fiera include anything from data management to creating visual resources for high-profile technical reports. Whether it be through her work at Fiera, or while pursuing her many other interests (including world politics and fly fishing), she strives to build connection between the environment and those who interact with it.

Special Skills & Super Powers

  • Social media and Canva whiz
  • Digital and traditional artist
  • Thrifting master- 70% of Bria’s clothes are second hand