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Wetland Inventory and Loss Assessment

Wetlands are important. You don’t have to take our word for it, lots of other folks agree. Environment Canada, for instance, says that wetlands are “among the most productive habitats on Earth”, and goes on to say that “if we continue to lose wetlands, a large and important piece of the natural system that keeps our world healthy will disappear.” The Government of Alberta agrees too! The Alberta Wetland Policy states that wetlands “play an important role in sustaining healthy watersheds by protecting water quality, providing water storage and infiltration, providing habitat for wildlife, fish and plants, and sustaining biodiversity.” Even industry organizations like the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) state that “wetlands are vital to the sustainability of ecosystems as they filter water, store carbon, recharge groundwater, protect biological diversity and act as flood protection.”

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Fiera Biological Consulting has wetland specialists who can help identify, delineate, avoid, mitigate and compensate

Perspective Matters: Wetland Assessments

Every spring we get swamped with a slough of requests to delineate the boundaries and evaluate the condition of wetlands throughout Alberta. What makes a wetland a wetland is a surprise to most people who, when asked, imagine cattails and mallard ducks swimming in open water. In fact, although open-water wetlands are an important class of wetland, they aren’t the only one, or even the most common, or most threatened. Technically speaking, wetlands are actually defined by soil and vegetation characteristics, which is handy because if we had to depend on the presence of open-water and ducks, we would be missing the majority of wetlands in Alberta. Seasonal and temporary wetlands are just as important from an ecological perspective, especially to the organisms that depend on them, and they offer humans ecological services such as flood prevention, and natural water purification.

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