Here at Fiera, it all started with wildlife.

And when we say wildlife, we mean a whole bunch of different things. Wildlife includes birds, bears, and bunnies, but also the less well-known critters such as bats, insects, frogs, and fish. It also includes all of the habitat that these critters use—what they eat, where they live, and the spaces they roam.

Our team specializes in wildlife assessments and inventories. This includes the traditional “boots on the ground” wildlife and habitat surveys and inventories. It also includes remote sensing and GIS analysis and modelling that helps us to predict critically important areas that need to be properly managed.

We routinely provide the following wildlife and habitat services to our clients:

  • Breeding and migratory bird surveys
  • Wildlife sweeps (including den and hibernacula surveys)
  • Habitat inventories, mapping, and modelling
  • Species At Risk (SAR) surveys
  • Biodiversity & population monitoring
  • Impact assessments
  • Policy review, development, and evaluation