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Geomatic Applications in Ecology

Using Drones and Remote Sensing Techniques to make Habitat Management Decisions!

These days it seems everyone and their dog has gone a little bit drone crazy! From wedding photographers and real-estate agents, to land surveyors and engineering firms, just about everyone has a drone and is touting it as evidence of their innovation. Unfortunately, most of the innovation is unrealized because so few have the knowledge and technical ability do anything other than produce pretty pictures. Read more

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Frog Blog: Lookin’ for Love

It’s the time of year when love is in the air. Every spring, as soon as the ice is clearing off of the ponds and lakes, the familiar courting sounds of frogs begin permeating the air night and day. We all hear them, but do you know what those sounds are?

There are two species of frogs in the Edmonton area, both of which start calling very early in the year. The most commonly recognized is the tiny boreal chorus frog, whose call is similar to the sound that is made when you run your finger down the tines of a comb.
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